Wedding Photography - What's it worth?

You know, weddings are REALLY expensive and I'm probably not the first person to make mention of this to you... but what are you ACTUALLY paying for when it comes to a photographer?

In a world where digital technology is absolutely amazing and the ability to capture images has become such an easy task, one would even question why you would actually need a professional to take the photos right? The technology available to us now in unquestionably extremely user friendly and super high quality... HOWEVER it still completely depends on the person who is lining the shot up as to how well that light is going to be captured! Not to get too technical, but it is actually the light and how it falls on subjects (or people in most cases) that you are taking a picture of.

All a great idea to save the money and just have Uncle so and so take some pictures for you on the wedding day, HOWEVER be warned! A wedding day is a one of a kind day and all you have left after the celebrations have finished are the images that have been captured. Do you really want to trust someone who is guessing how to photograph the big day and has their fingers crossed that they capture some good shots for you?

A good wedding photographer is essential in my opinion (not just because this is what I do, but because the images are all you have to enjoy the memories from this amazing special day). Wedding photographers spend countless hours working on a wedding, have you thought how long it takes to actually edit the images? The actual wedding day capture (usually around 7 - 8 hours work) is only a small percentage of the time worked on each wedding... let's take a walk through what's involved!

7 - 8 hours Wedding Day Coverage (2 photographers are included in most of our packages)

25-30 hours spent on the full edited service we provide

1-2 hours preparation time - pre wedding consultation, location scouting/research

Endless hours location searching for cool spots to have up our sleeve for our wedding clients :)

That's not even thinking about how much time is spent actually getting the word out about our service and communicating with our clients and potential clients (lots of hours here :))

The equipment (camera bodies, lenses, lighting and the list goes one) a good professional photographer carries with him/her is worth anywhere from $15-$20,000 - to get the great results, you need the great equipment - trust me!!

Experience and skill - Hmmmm, yes endless hours of experimenting, learning, studying, doing, and learning again when something new and fantastic hits the scene!

So all in all it's not just the wedding day you're paying for, it is for a full professional service! I hope that gives a little more insight into how a professional photographer may work out their rates for you.

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