Getting Ready On Time

Probably one of the most challenging aspects of wedding photography is the time (or lack of) during the wedding day to capture all the beautiful elements of a wedding story. One of the most trying times for a photographer can happen right at the start of the coverage..... Hair/Makeup artists running late aghhhhhhhhhhh.

Picture this ... your photographer is ready to capture your wedding... he/she has reviewed your wedding worksheet in detail and is fully prepared to capture the best images he/she can for you. They arrive, and start to capture all the little details that are special to you... dress hanging up, perfume, rings, jewellery, flowers ... beautiful images that record all the details you have prepared for your special day. In the meantime you are still sitting in the makeup artist chair, not even close to being finished... your ceremony time is fast approaching and the time you need to leave is even closer. Your makeup artist has left you until last and is taking his/her time to make sure your makeup is perfect. Unfortunately while your makeup artist is striving for perfection, the time allocated to photograph their artistry is slowly slipping away.....

In order for any bride to get the full benefit of the talents of her wedding photographer it is REALLY important to make sure your hair & makeup artists are aware of when the photographer is arriving... we would even recommend you add in a half hour buffer time so they have less chance of running you late.

We love doing detail shots, however there are only so many elements we can capture while waiting for a bride to be finished in the hair or makeup chair lol. Oh, the other thing you may like to be aware of is that shine on a bride's face doesn't photograph all that well... so please have your makeup artist do a matte finish for best results. Illumination looks great to look at, this makeup effect just causes a reflection and just doesn't photograph like it looks. Matte is always the best way for foundations and if it's a hot day perhaps consider investing in some blotting paper to matte the makeup down. This will ensure you look your best the entire day too :)

Avoid cutting yourself short on bridal portrait time, just by ensuring your hair & makeup is finished well in time for the photographers' and videographer's arrival. A little touch up of lip colour, a veil being placed in, all make for lovely shots, but to be sure you gain the maximum benefit of your photographer, it is so important to have your hair & makeup finished on time.

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