Specialising in the capture of great candid images, our lead photographer, Lee, really has an amazing ability to see and frame awesome images of events as they happen.  His passion for obtaining a great photojournalistic image is tireless!  Our clients really enjoy Lee's unobtrusive manner and having a friendly photographer to work with on their wedding day.  


Lee enjoys offering our clients a warm, inviting and relaxed approach to their wedding day.  He takes all the stress away from being photographed and has the ability to put anyone at ease. His main objective is for our clients to enjoy their wedding day without being 'told what to do' or pressured into a "photographic shoot" environment.  He literatally captures your day in a natural and unforced manner and takes amazing shots we know you will love!


A dynamic team, Lisa & Lee can work together on ALL aspects of the wedding, including the styling side (if this is required) as Lee is also a fully trained preparation assistant for all styling elements.